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John Lavenia is an author, speaker and trainer whose teachings come from real-world experience and wisdom gathered over twenty years of studying human potential. Born in New Jersey in 1970, his early life was that of a struggling youth. After years of witnessing hardship and purposeless survival in his own life and the lives of others, he was introduced to personal development principles at the still young age of 16.

His adoption and application of principle-based living techniques was immediate and unremitting, displaying an unusually high determination to discover answers to the challenges of life we all face. His path has included the study of many great thinkers and high producers in recent history, as well as a variety of spiritually oriented teachings of Eastern and Western lineage.

The result is that of a true rags-to-riches story, and the ability to show others how they can duplicate success and create tremendous effectiveness in their life. As a likely result of his “hard knocks” beginnings, and the necessity of taking personal responsibility for his own evolution, John has been known for his direct and “in-your-face” delivery. This has earned him the title of “The Godzilla of Personal Growth”. He is often quoted as he sets the ground-rules for his trainings by stating, “If I say anything that offends you… you’ll get over it.”

Thousands of entrepreneurs, salespeople and success-seekers throughout the world have attributed breakthroughs in their effectiveness to ideas they gained in his teachings.

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John has spoken on stages around the world, giving people the tools and know-how to create legacy success. Engaging the audience with his unique and powerful story-telling, his presentations always receive standing ovations and survey results are off the charts. Presentation topics include: 

  • 5 Lessons From a Poor Child That Create Riches
  • 7 Stepping Stones to Success
  • How to Prosper in the New Economy
  • Integrity is Everything: How to Get Everything You Want In Life
  • The Secrets to Crushing Any Adversity to Become a Legend

For a few months I have been listening to podcasts that John Lavenia is part of and I got a lot of insights. So, I decided to read his book. Wow!!! The actions steps he has after every chapter is great. Definitely recommend this book.

Pradeep Varghese


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