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John Lavenia is an author, speaker and trainer whose teachings come from real-world experience and wisdom gathered over twenty years of studying human potential. Born in New Jersey in 1970, his early life was that of a struggling youth. After years of witnessing hardship and purposeless survival in his own life and the lives of others, he was introduced to personal development principles at the still young age of 16.

His adoption and application of principle-based living techniques was immediate and unremitting, displaying an unusually high determination to discover answers to the challenges of life we all face.


5 Signs It May Be Time To Resign

5 Signs It May Be Time To Resign I get it. The pressure of everyday living can keep you strapped to your job. Even though it feels like a ball-and-chain, there doesn't seem to be a better option. Mortage/rental payments, maintenance costs, food, clothing, insurance,...

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Four Tips to Create a Successful Day

Four Tips To Create A Successful Day What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. This is true about the emotions you wake up with as well. If you wake up worried, it sets the tone for the entire day. When people wake up worried, they...

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5 Ways That Passive Income Can Save Your Life

5 Ways Passive Income Can Save Your Life Sounds dramatic, right? Think of the things you need to live your life to the fullest: safety, health, materials comforts like a home and a car, care in your senior years, and don't forget about fun. All of these things require...

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A Path to Predictable Prosperity

Your bills are relentless. Your income should be too. Most people find themselves in the trap of just getting by. Just enough in the bank to cover the next month’s bills and one injury or illness way from financial devastation. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

There is a proven plan for predictable, relentless income that grows month after month. Attend my free webinar and learn how to create a life-changing, future securing income that grows like clockwork. 

Integrity is Everything

The best-selling book from direct-selling mentor and personal development expert John Lavenia. This book contains thoughts on his no-nonsense approach to success in writing for the first time, and was written for the 21st century man or woman who seeks answers to the common struggles that much of our society lives in. Many direct-selling professionals have attributed financial breakthroughs to insights they gained in his seminars and teleconferences. John has explored human potential for over 20 years. In this book, he expounds on insights he has received while studying some of the greatest thinkers in history. He also offers distinctions on a spiritual approach to success, which he has derived through studying and applying a vast array of eastern and western thought. So much more than just a book about financial success, Integrity is Everything illuminates true success principles which are inseparable from any aspect of life.

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“John can really get to the heart of things and really explain what it takes to be successful. I went from making 50 – 60,000 a year to making easily over that in a month.” 

Andy Grant

Blue Navigators LLC

“Our best month was $59,000 as a result of putting in the information we gained from his last workshop.”

Kristi Atkinson

Network Marketing

“I’ve always aspired to be a millionaire and as a result of meeting this guy, and mirroring him step-by-step, I’ve been able to do that”

Don Glanville